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Heirloomed Collection 

Ashley Schoenith, Founder of Heirloomed Collection, has dedicated her life to “preserving the simple things that we cherish from the past, and ensuring that they live on for future generations to enjoy.” Relishing in what has been passed down from her own family, and in keeping in mind what will be passed down for her own future generations to come, Ashley’s mantra is the following, “The most cherished and beloved things one can own cannot be purchased. They must first be used and loved and enjoyed. Memories must be created, laughter had, and good times spent. And only then, these things become treasures, passed down for generations to come.” 

We have selected Ashley to collaborate with as we create our “Cardinals” linen collection. We have discovered that her values align with those we are seeking in a “maker”. She pays tribute to the past while bringing an element of care and thoughtfulness to her current collections like no other. Ashley has inspired us to want to continue to do the same. 


The Keepsake White Linen Collection is not only the perfect accent to any table, but the embroidered red cardinals bring out the spirit of the holiday. These linens can be used for every day, as well as on special occasions, and only get better with age. Each piece features a special keepsake tag that captures and chronicles the memories made with these linens. 

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