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A Father's Day Well Spent at Home

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Like most holidays for our family, and quite frankly all of them over the recent months with the current pandemic, Father's Day was spent at home. With spending so much time at home lately, we had recently purchased a fire pit for some outdoor enjoyment. Our grill had quite literally failed us the last time we attempted to use it, and so a new grill was in order, as well. It was easy to see how we were, therefore, going to spend our Father's Day celebration this year - enjoying both the fire pit and the new grill.

We saved the grilling for dinner time, and prepared skewers of chicken and beef in advance for use later in the evening. They sat in marinade throughout the day. Mushrooms and peppers were 'simply grilled' later as well, and our two favorite salads were prepared. As we do for most holidays in the household, the day would first be kicked off by setting a special tabletop for breakfast. This meal was enjoyed and celebrated indoors.

My younger daughter prepared the place cards and was in charge of ensuring everyone signed their greeting cards. Both the cards and any small gifts that were to be given were placed intricately at the 'guest of honor's' place setting. Since we were to enjoy the rest of the day outdoors together, we were inspired to set the table with a more rustic theme for 'Papa', and one with the fire pit in mind. We found some old Hester & Cook paper placemats in the shape of wooden logs and placed them along the middle of the table. From there, we decided that both the vintage and 'new' green jadeite dish ware would be used, along with the wooden handled Laguiole flatware. Wooden stumps that were previously purchased at Terrain were used for the place cards and vintage green glassware was set in place. Our rustic tablescape was really coming together!

Instead of purchasing flowers to be arranged, we took snippets of floral from the outdoors. The girls washed and prepared the berries for a starter, and I prepared horseradish-spiked Bloody Mary cocktails for the adults. We had entertained guests at our house (outdoors) the day before, and so I had been out that day prior to pick up a cake. With Father's Day in mind, and the breakfast we would serve, I additionally picked up some mini lemon-poppyseed bundt cakes from By the Way Bakery - a favorite in our household. Truffled eggs and omelettes were served, along with roasted tomatoes, mushrooms and spicy sausages - all Papa's favorites.

Following breakfast, we played a game of Trivial Pursuit. It was a tradition from my childhood to play this game as a family. We had recently picked up a newer version from Barnes & Nobles and presented it to Papa for Father's Day. This newer version has a board made of glass and we decided that we may need to find a permanent spot on a game table in the house to display it, as we found it difficult to stop playing and put away. (If you have experienced playing this game, it goes on for hours and hours at a time!).

As you've probably already guessed, following our afternoon of game playing, it was time to prepare for dinner. We lit the grill and arranged the circle of chairs surrounding the fire pit. The girls prepped marshmallows on sticks for the s'mores that we would late roast around the fire pit that evening, following sunset.

Melamine was used to set the dinner table outdoors. A favorite collection of mine by Tar Hong, the Nawrocki Leaf salad plates and the Monstera Leaf shaped platter, were used, as well as paper leaf placemats by Hester & Cook. (All items mentioned can be found on Joss & Main, as well as Amazon, to name a few sources). The girls helped to prepare both salads - a watermelon, tomato and feta salad, as well as a cucumber & avocado salad. These salads are, hands down, our two favorites to serve during the summer time.

It's easy to see, by the sight of the above photo taken at sunset, why the leaf-inspired melamine was chosen for our dinner tablescape. As we sit outdoors in our garden, we are immediately enveloped by nature. We are often serenaded by the birds who have made homes in our trees, and if chance would have it, our very own red cardinal might just pay us a visit.

  • Most of the jadeite photographed in this blog is available in our on-line shop, both vintage and 'new'. The jadeite pitcher and cake stands are by Mosser Glass. The plates are vintage Fire King.

  • The cutlery used is by Laguiole, and made in France.

  • The green vintage glassware is available in our on-line shop. (The pitcher is not for sale, and was found in an antique shop during one of our travels to Amagansett in The Hamptons).

  • The wooden place card 'stumps' were purchased at Terrain in Westport.

  • The mini bundt cakes are from By The Way Bakery in Greenwich.

  • The melamine used for our outdoor table setting is by Tar Hong and can be found on Joss & Main as well as Amazon, to name a few sources.

  • The paper placemats used for both tables are by Hester & Cook.

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