A Special Mother's Day Tribute

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

With Father's Day around the corner, I thought it might be a good idea to finally take the time to blog about what we did as a family for Mother's Day. It was a busy time, as we were still in the thick of 'homeschooling'. We had just two weeks of school remaining, and we were maintaining a grasp of what was left as far as the children's daily Zoom schedules and work loads were concerned. Often, we were four or five people all trying to use the same home network, and sometimes our networks failed us. As it caused for some frustrating moments, we always looked forward to the weekends when we could disconnect and unwind a little, slow roast a dinner, take a family walk, and play a board game or two. Mother's Day was no exception, as my little one finally mastered the skill of riding a bike without training wheels. It was cause for celebrating all- around.

While we had been spending a multitude of mealtimes at home by then, and life may have seemed more monotonous with each passing day, we really did enjoy slowing down for the day and reconnecting with one another. I had placed an order with our favorite local bakery, By The Way Bakery, for what would be one of the most spectacular cakes we ever did display. With two out of four family members unable to consume gluten, By The Way Bakery provides not only gluten-free goods, but often dairy-free and nut-free ones, as well. They are definitely our 'go-to' bakery in Greenwich! I had seen an image of a Dolce & Gabbana inspired cake on their Instagram account, and requested the very same one be made for our special celebration. Grandma (my mom) was still visiting, and so that was another reason to celebrate (as if we needed any more). My French mother-in-law wouldn't celebrate Le Fête des Mères for another two weeks, in Paris. We would, however, still arrange for a Zoom call with her later in the day.