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The Art of Glass Making

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

It is no secret that we enjoy blending thoughtfully sourced, vintage, and jewel-toned glassware, just like that which was perched inside my grandmother’s corner cabinets, with our current ceramic collections. The combination is what I like to call a 'mélange of passé and présent'. We have water goblets, wine, and cordial glasses, as well as parfait cups and dessert coupes, which we prefer to use for Champagne. Much of the current vintage glassware collection originates from L.G. Wright Glass, L.E. Smith, and the Fenton Glass Company, to name a few. We have searched high and low for each and every piece in our curated vintage collection.

Our love for vintage sourced glassware is what led us on the path to discovering the Mosser Glass Company. After exhausting ourselves in a continual search for authentic heirloom glassware, it was discovered that the Mosser family continues to operate a factory in Cambridge, Ohio. Not only are some of our favorite vintage molds from Fenton Glass Company used to reproduce glassware there, but new productions are made there on a daily basis. Their two most popular colors produced from the hobnail molds are in the 'Jadeite' and 'Crown Tuscan' (pink) colors. It is therefore with great pleasure that we have partnered with Mosser Glass to bring to you some of the very best in glass craftsmanship today. Pictured above are pieces from our Cardinal ceramics collection, featured alongside the Jadeite glassware - both a cake stand and three varying tree sizes by Mosser Glass. All items are for sale in our online shop.

Mosser Glass is a family-owned company that prides itself on having created a variety of fine American products for generations. Today, not only are classic molds used that have been previously purchased at auction, allowing for new glassware to be reproduced, but contemporary designs have been established. Examples of available designs are tableware, cake plates, candle stands, and even home décor. Presently, Mosser Glass is recognized as one of the nation’s leaders in high quality pressed glass. Pictured above is ruby red colored glassware reproduced from the vintage Eye Winker mold. Pictured below is a variation of both vintage and modern glassware featured alongside our hand-painted ceramic ware.

Last Spring we took a road trip to Cambridge, Ohio, where we had the pleasure of visiting the Mosser Glass Factory. We received a thorough tour through both the warehouse and the factory and observed the production at hand. One of the most memorable moments was seeing a Crown Tuscan (pink) cake stand being formed. Pictured below is our green and pink holiday edit, featuring both Crown Tuscan (pink) and Jadeite glass pieces, alongside vintage pink glassware, and our hand-painted ceramic tree plates.

The Art of Glass Making

In just one day, anywhere from 300-500 of these cake stands can be made. The Mosser Glass family has been producing hand-pressed glassware, just like the below cake stands featured, for over 40 years.

The cake stands are made from a material called flint glass, which is a pure lustrous kind of glass, originally made with flint.

The pressed glass is made using a 'plunger' to press the glass into a mold.

It is no doubt tedious work, not to mention heated work. Major quality control continues throughout the process.

Pictured below is an abundance of natural and raw materials shown. They will eventually be melted and produced into new glass objects.

Here is a glass kiln, where products are 'baked' at much lower temperatures than are our ceramics.

Here, the cake stands are being 'cooled' and then arrive at the outer end of the beltway.

The cake stands are now ready for distribution.

There are bowls and domes of varying sizes, all available in our online shop.

In the showroom, a corner cabinet displays many of the Crown Tuscan glass pieces. We admire the way they blend their new designs with other timeless, classic pieces.

Wishing you all a very happy holiday, and to all a good night!

XX Amanda

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