The Art of Handmade Ceramics

Our love for melding vintage treasures with new, carefully curated, and sought after ones was our purpose for launching Backcountry Mercantile last November. We believe that setting a table that not only looks elegant, but one that also tells a story, is what becomes the foundation of a memorable celebration. It is what we call "a true mélange of passé et présent."

The idea that we should wait all year to break out the holiday tableware for just one specific day was also a practice that was just so passé. We wanted to find a way to celebrate our seasonal tableware every day, all season long. It was not only important that we bring aesthetically pleasing designs to the collections, but also ones that carry a rich history. That is why you will find a story behind each and every product that we represent.

When considering a partner for our ceramic ware, there was no question behind who we wanted to pair. FIMA is a distinguished family-operated business with a reputable work history in the ceramic sector. The business is known throughout the world for their dedication to quality in the maiolica category, as well as for their artistic expressions. They are renowned for sustained efforts with keeping the ancient traditions of the village of Deruta, Italy, alive, bringing passion to its craft since 1960.