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The Stag Collection
Winter 2022

A collaboration with FIMA Deruta


The stag collection had been a vision since the previous winter. For planning purposes, we are always one step ahead, and we had a few client discussions about creating this magnificent creature. The vision was to design a sophisticated-looking stag, one that would not be 'holiday specific', but that would carry us through winter.


We had already produced a glossy red and vibrant green in our prior holiday collections, and so silver seemed both fitting for the stag, as well as a color that could blend well with the other already existing holiday collections, should there be interest.

Stags for New years.JPG

Above, glam meets sophistication for this New Year's Eve celebration. Silver and gold glass embellishments adorned the center of the tabletop and our stags took center stage.


Below, utterly chic, paired with checkered black and white linens and glossy black mats. The stunning wintery-white floral arrangement and the pewter stags complete this look by Maria Avila Design.

Stags by Maria Avila Design.JPG
Stags staged - MA Design (1).jpg

While our hand-painted ceramics are durable enough to use everyday, they are certainly unique enough to save for your special occasions. Whether setting a glam tabletop or a rustic scene, styling is the limit.

Nothing brings us more joy than seeing how you style our ceramics on your tabletops at home. Be sure to share your images with us on social media by tagging #backcountrymercantile.

stag plate .JPG
stag mug.JPG
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