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March 2020


The Spring Collection 

A ceramics 'Bunny' line with FIMA Deruta

featuring glassware by Mosser

rabiit and bunnies.jpg

Quiet time at home and the solitude created by being away from others may be filling many of us with feelings of anxiety and frustration. While we are all currently faced with responsibly practicing safe distancing, we are also being presented with ample opportunity to slow down a little. Allowing a chance for planning ahead for the future may serve as the temporary distractor that we all need.

Here in Connecticut, the first signs of spring are visible. Flowers are surfacing in the gardens, and buds are blossoming on the trees. We awaken to birds singing each morning. The sun stays out just a little bit longer as the days progress. All of these things seem to give new hope that our lives will indeed change for the better in the future.

My family has always enjoyed passing the time together by cooking and baking. We are currently having fun developing new, delicious meal plans. We are also finding creative ways to sneak many of the ‘immunity boosters’ into our foods, such as ginger, mushrooms, garlic, and herbs, to name a few. The aeroponic garden in our home provides more than ample greens for daily salads. Until now, it has been difficult to find the time to plant new seedlings to expand our varieties.

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Bunny Plate .JPG
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Backcountry Mercantile is donating 10% of sales from this collection to COVID-19 Relief.

My mother taught me that one must pay respect to not only the meal on the table but to those who have prepared it. Therefore, setting the tabletop has become very important to me. Setting a cheerful tone is not difficult when you are able to take snippets of fresh floral from your garden for dispersing along your tabletop or into a vase. Colored glassware also creates an instant, cheerful display. And let’s not forget about the simplicity of adding a crisp linen napkin or even a festive paper one. Place cards can be prepared by the children. Creativity in this 'mise en scène' has no limit.

Although we currently must spend physical time apart from our friends and loved ones, knowing that we will have the good fortune of planning a special celebration in the future is very satisfying. When that time arrives, we will break bread and celebrate simply being together, something we have perhaps taken for granted until now. We will create new memories and we'll all cherish the moment tremendously.


We look forward to making new memories with all of you again soon.

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