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“a mélange of passé and présent”

Welcome to Backcountry Mercantile, a place for celebrating “les arts de la table”. It is where we meld vintage treasures with new, carefully curated, and sought-after ones. We believe that setting a table that not only looks elegant but one that also tells a story, is what becomes the foundation of a memorable celebration.


Our founder, Amanda Gaudelet, has been drawn to heirloom elements, such as glassware, cutlery, teacups, and linens, for as long as she can remember. Her passion for blending these vintage elements with those that are new is where her appreciation for setting a table was born. Antiquing from Greenwich to Palm Beach to Paris, Amanda is always on the hunt for heirloom treasures. 

With a professional past in the hospitality industry, and being married to not only a restaurateur but a classically trained French Chef, there is an innate desire to set a table and entertain at home. After sourcing vintage wares and custom ceramic wares for a number of restaurant projects, the idea to create custom, bespoke tableware for the home was born. Designing and importing custom maiolica from Deruta, Italy, as well as bespoke porcelain from Limoges, France, is what she would call the meat and potatoes of her business. The vintage wares, the accoutrements.


Married to her husband Alexandre, they reside in the backcountry of Greenwich, Connecticut, with their two daughters and their Goldendoodle Caramel. 

"We hope you will be inspired by both our everyday and seasonal visions."

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