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Mosser Glass

Mosser Glass is a family-owned company that prides itself on having created a variety of fine American products for generations. Today, not only are classic molds used that have been previously purchased at auction, allowing for new glassware to be reproduced, but contemporary designs have been established. Examples of available designs are tableware, cake plates, candle stands and home décor. Today, Mosser Glass is recognized as one of the nation’s leaders in high quality pressed glass.

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Our love for vintage sourced glassware is what led us on the path to discovering Mosser Glass. After exhausting ourselves in search of authentic heirloom glassware, it was discovered that Mosser continues to operate a factory in Cambridge, Ohio. Not only are some of our favorite vintage molds from L.G. Wright Glass reproduced here, but new productions such as Jadeite are manufactured daily. It is with great pleasure that we have partnered with Mosser Glass to bring to you some of the very best in glass craftsmanship today. 

The History of Mosser Glass

The story of Mosser Glass dates back to more than half a century ago when it was initially called the Cambridge Glass Company. Thomas Mosser, a teenager at the time, was employed there by his father, Orie. When Cambridge Glass closed in 1954, it was Tom who decided to build a company of his own.


Tom spent five years acquiring glass molds and searching for affordable equipment. It was the year of 1959 when he began to finally manufacture glassware. The setting was an abandoned chicken coop! It was two years later that he was able to leave the coop and start the Variety Glass Company, producing glass for the pharmaceutical industry.


It wasn’t until 1971 that Tom established Mosser Glass. This new factory was not only more efficiently run than his previous endeavor, but it also proved to provide a higher quality of glassware. Mr. Mosser was able to acquire new designs and timeless classics that included Viking, L.G. Wright, and, of course, Cambridge Glass.


Today Mosser Glass employs more than 30 people. Family members sustain the tradition of operating the company. The idea that the family ‘brings new ideas to the company without the loss of the traditions our customers cherish’, is the very reason for the existing legacy. ‘Blending beauty and fine craftsmanship in every piece of glassware we produce’, is their motto.

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