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December 2019

The Cardinal Collection

An Homage to the Past 


“When a red cardinal is near, an angel is often present.”

During this time of year, our thoughts are often drawn to family members who are no longer with us. It is said that when a red cardinal is near, an angel is often present. My mother tells the story of a majestic red cardinal who visited her day after day, shortly after my grandmother’s passing. Then, after my grandfather passed away, two began to appear. I have always held that story close to my heart. Today, I find myself looking out the bay window of our own dining room in Connecticut, in search of the two cardinals that have been known to grace my family with their presence.

Fond memories of times with my grandparents include seasonal holiday celebrations at their home. Those occasions were filled with fine elements of cuisine, as well as a delightful table presentation. Upon my family’s arrival for each visit, a savory bouquet of seasonal aromas would waft through the house as my grandparents greeted us. At these times, Grandma was never without wearing one of her crisply ironed aprons. I always made it a point to go right to the dining room to view the tablescape and would be enamored by the collection of jewel-toned goblets that accompanied the heirloom china set. These unique glass pieces shone with magnificent elegance at each place. After dinner, jeweled dessert coupes for sherbet and ice cream were used, as well as wine and cordial glasses that we children would use for our own beverages, likely Shirley Temples. Champagne was free-flowing, and it would be poured for the adults into the very same dessert coupes. It all felt so fancy to me!

The Cardinal Ceramics Collection 
Handmade ceramics featuring our cheery red cardinal debuted just in time for the 2019 holiday. The project was a collaboration with famed Italian ceramic maker FIMA Deruta. 

To shop the full collection, click below. 

Sourced Vintage Glassware
Glassware, similar to what would have been found perched in my Grandmother's corner cabinet, is available for sale in a variety of jewel-toned colors.
Screen Shot 2019-11-17 at 10.45.48

L.G. Wright Glass

Lace & Dot in Ruby Red

Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 10.04.12
Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 10.11.17

L.G. Wright Glass

Moon & Stars in Green

L.G. Wright Glass

Daisy & Button in Ruby Red

The Linen Collection
A collaboration with Heirloomed Linens.
Grandmother was rarely seen without wearing an apron & we view it as a glamorous accessory.
cardinal apron.png
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