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February 2020


The Valentine's Day Collection 

Vintage Glass Accents 

heart sketch.jpg

For Valentine's Day, we have thoughtfully sourced a variety of vintage accent pieces for the tabletop. We are re-purposing some of the same vintage ruby red glassware that was used in the Cardinal Collection, for this day of love. As you can see, our Cardinals have also found their way into the collection, as well.

Heart Glass & Floral .JPG

We have additionally sourced some amethyst goblets and heart-shaped dishware. The red heart-shaped dishes were so popular, we sold out the very first day they were listed. We have therefore brought in some ruby red heart-shaped bowls, those that can be used for serving ice cream or cereal, and also dual as candy dishes.

vintage heart bowls.jpg
heart dish 3.jpg

We found that the gold-rimmed antique glassware that was used for the New Year's Eve celebrations, also easily transitioned over for use in this next holiday. The heart-shaped milk glass plates paired nicely with this antique glassware. We also thought this was a fun alternative to the traditional red and pink color scheme normally used for Valentine's Day. It would also be a fun tabletop for a 'Galentine's Day' celebration.

Galentine's Day .jpg
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