Easy, Peasy, Clean Summer Salads

For years we have been serving the same two summer salads from Memorial Day through Labor Day. The first is a watermelon, tomato & feta salad. Variations can be made by using either tomatoes on the vine or heirloom varieties. As far as the cheeses are concerned, ricotta salata can be used as an alternative to feta cheese. Both of these cheeses crumble easily, so we suggest either slicing or grating them. Pictured below is a crumbled feta. When purchasing either cheese in block form, we like to 'slice' them. We typically select a 'sugar baby' watermelon. These are the smaller, sweeter, and rounder watermelons. When possible, finding a seedless one is also preferable.

The second salad that we tend to prepare frequently, and on repeat all summer long, is a cucumber and avocado salad. Hands down, whenever we serve these two salads, the children will indulge in them. My older daughter has been known to even make the cucumber and avocado salad for breakfast, all by herself. They are crowd pleasers with our adult guests, as well. The key is making sure your avocados are ripened before preparation. Nothing is worse than getting your 'mise en place' together and finding out the avocados are not ripe! An easy tip for determining whether or not your avocado is ripe is to roll it from side to side. The avocado should feel lightly soft, but not mushy to the touch.