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Peace, Love & Unity for All

As I considered two possible themes for our summer ceramics collection back in March, family celebrations were on my mind. Our family kicks off the month with our wedding anniversary on the first, then our older daughter celebrates her Independence Day birthday during the same week. Next, the coronavirus had just begun to affect our nation and the world. Citizens struggled to come to terms with the fact that we were experiencing the beginning stages of a devastating pandemic. It seemed only sensible, then, to create a design that would signify unity, strength, and love, three virtues that would be required in order for us to work together and through the tough times ahead. So, with those two themes in mind, our Patriotic Heart was born.   

We collaborated, once again, with our friends at FIMA Deruta in Italy. It would be our third project together. We couldn't think of a better time to be supporting the people of the small town of Deruta, after all they had been through. If we could support jobs by providing work for those artisans who were still fortunate enough to have their health, then we would work with them. Italy was experiencing a 'lockdown' much the same as what my relatives in France were facing. It was often that only one person could leave the household at a time for essential goods, or to get to a job that was waiting for them. It was furthermore decided at this time that 25% of the profits from not only the patriotic ceramics collection, but from our previous spring collection, would go towards COVID-19 relief. (Proceeds will continue to go towards the relief until the very last dish is sold.)

Our Spring 'Bunny' collection had made its debut in early March when there was so much uncertainty and confusion. We asked ourselves so many questions. - Should we still plan to move forward with those plans for Spring Break? Should we be changing the mode of transportation to our destinations? Should we be locking ourselves inside the home, and not go out in public at all? While it wasn't necessarily the ideal time to be unveiling a new collection, and it didn't feel like quite the right time to be celebrating it, we found that many of you did, indeed, enjoy the simple pleasure of setting a fine table at home. After all, we were doing an awful lot of meal planning and dining in our homes. To our surprise, and much to our delight, the entire spring collection sold out. We were deeply touched by our supporters, and equally as pleased that we could give back the 25% earnings.

Over this period of time, we decided to expand upon our 'everyday' collections. Our clients were not only seeking out tableware for 'special occasions' spent in quarantine, but equally so for everyday enjoyment. In this household, it was decided that we were no longer going to reserve those dainty teacups and vintage goblets for use on particular holidays, but rather we were going to break them out 'on the daily', both at dinnertime, and for our afternoon cup of coffee or tea. So many of you reached out to express how the simple joys of using the teacups and colored goblets  brought much cheer into your homes at an otherwise dismal time. I can't tell you how touched I was to know this. I have always said that setting a table with colored glassware is like setting a table with fine jewels. It immediately makes for a more joyous display. Dare I say, I just get plain giddy with excitement when using my colored goblets. Pictured below are the vintage 'Moon & Stars' goblets in the 'Ruby Red' color.

A recent trip to the Mosser Glass factory in Cambridge, Ohio, allowed us to stock up on more milk glass, jadeite, and cake stands in varying colors. We love mixing the new glass with the old, and our experience visiting the warehouse and showroom in person allowed for all kinds of new inspiration to spark. We couldn't wait to get home and begin to set the table again.

As we are approaching the upcoming holiday and our nation's birth this weekend, we are sending all of our readers and supporters much love and light. As chance would have it, again, we couldn't think of a better time to be debuting our collection. We had no idea of the impact or the significance that the meaning behind our patriotic hearts would have. As we celebrate both a 14th birthday and the Fourth of July this weekend, we will, more importantly, be celebrating the notion of peace, love, and unity for all. #LoveWins

For more information on how our ceramics are made, and the history behind the making of maiolica ceramics, please visit our page at

A patriotic birthday celebration would not be complete without sparklers on hand. Thanks to Tops Malibu, we have a wishing candle in the shape of a heart this year, too. The Patriotic Heart plates can be purchased in our on-line boutique, as well as the Mosser Glass cake stand and the vintage colored glassware.

To shop the full glass and ceramics collection, visit us at

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